WotKK Affiliate Program

How to Earn Money with
Wrath of the Kitchen King

To sell our cookbooks you will need to have a Clickbank account. If you don’t have one yet, then go here. it’s 100% free to join, CB doesn’t send spam, and you’ll be able to sell any of CB’s 10,000+ ebooks.

One you have signed up you will receive a Clickbank ID code.

Once you have your Clickbank account and your ID code then you will need need your affiliate links. Here they are, along with instructions on how to edit the links.

Wrath of the Kitchen King
http://myIDcode.wotkk.hop.clickbank.net/? tid= YOURPAGE

    1. replace myIDcode with your own Clickbank ID code. For example, if your Clickbank ID is LichKing then your link will be: http://lichking.wotkk.hop.clickbank.net/
    2. tid is a tracking ID code. You use it to track which page led to your sale. If you only have one page with our link, or you don’t much care, then it doesn’t matter. Clip off the whole ‘?tid=YOURPAGE’ section.
    3. If you have many pages with our link then you can use a different tracking code for each page. Just change YOURPAGE to a unique identifier for each page you use, such as tid=page1, tid=page2, and so on. This is a way to track which if your pages is the most effective at driving sales.
    4. If that doesn’t make any sense, then skip it. 🙂

So what does it pay?

Your commission is 60%. The Wrath of the Kitchen King is $14 and both books, as a package, are $19.97 total.

Your cut of the sale is 60%, after Clickbank takes out a small fee to cover its services.

The next step is to make a recommendation from your site to ours, and link to it with the affiliate link above.

If you have any questions or need more info, then just hit our contact page.